Frequently asked question

For the best ride and control, lay on your stomach, descend downhill head first, skeleton style. Steer by dragging your feet behind the sled, however you can go down the hill anyway you'd like.

Kids can go solo, although they need to be able to stop themselves. Younger kids should go with an adult.

We always recommend wearing a helmet at all times while sledding. Consider the snow conditions and terrain.

The handles on the front are for holding onto pulling the front of the sled up to your face to shield the wind and snow.

The sled itself is built of a material with a 500lbs tear strength so the straps are for being able to strap items to while under tow from one place to another. Weather its towing all the gear to the sledding hill, tackle to the lake for some ice fishing, or linking multiple sleds together side by side for what we call the party sled.