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Experience the thrill of winter with the new and improved snow sled from The PillowSled. This innovative sled features a round front ergonomic design that allows you to glide smoothly and swiftly over any terrain. Whether you want to ride solo or with a partner, you’ll enjoy the comfort and safety of this sled. It’s handcrafted with exceptional quality and construction, using high-tech poly vinyl for long-term durability, best-in-class open cell foam to absorb the bumps, and reinforced handles for easy transportation and towing. Plus, it’s made in the USA and designed in Alaska, so you know it can handle the toughest conditions. Don’t miss this opportunity to have some fun with your family and friends this winter. Order your snow sled today and get ready for an epic adventure. PillowSled 2.0: the ultimate choice for winter fun.

Sledding for Smiles!

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Construction Features

Pillow Sled Snow Sled

High Tech Poly Vinyl

Made of a high-tech poly vinyl with aircraft grade nylon, best-in-class open cell foam, and reinforced tow straps. Exceptional quality and construction for all snow sled and sledding uses.

Soft and Fast

The Pillow Sled takes snow sledding to a new level with the softest and fastes run on the hill. Think flying on snow, it’s a scream! Hike or tow up your favorite hill for a one of a kind snow sled experience that will bring a smile to your face!

New Tow Straps

The PillowSled is built tough with reinforced tow straps for easy transportation and other towing uses. This ensures long term durability for all snow sled uses.

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