PillowSled Snow Sled 2 Pack Combo

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SAVE 20% with our Combo Pack! Includes Two PillowSled Snow Sleds

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This innovative sled features a round front ergonomic design that allows you to glide smoothly and swiftly over any terrain. Whether you want to ride solo or tandem, you’ll enjoy the comfort and safety of this sled. It’s handcrafted with exceptional quality and construction, using high-tech poly vinyl for long-term durability, best-in-class open cell foam to absorb the bumps, and reinforced handles for easy transportation and towing

Embark on winter escapades like never before. Elevate your sled adventures with the perfect blend of craftsmanship, durability, and innovation. It's time to redefine sledding fun with our exceptional sled collection!


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The Ultimate Snow Sled

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Why buy the PillowSled vs. a Traditional Sled?

Experience winter adventure like never before with the PillowSled – the ultimate game-changer! Here's why choosing the PillowSled over a traditional sled is a decision you won't regret:

Innovative Design

The PillowSled boasts a round front ergonomic design, ensuring smooth and swift gliding over any terrain. This innovative shape provides a thrilling and comfortable experience that sets it apart from traditional sleds.

Versatility for Solo or Tandem Rides

Whether you're seeking a solo adventure or want to share the excitement, the PillowSled caters to both preferences. Enjoy the flexibility of riding alone or tandem, making it an ideal choice for various winter activities.

Premium Quality Construction

Crafted with exceptional quality, the PillowSled stands out with a 500 lbs tear strength, ensuring durability and reliability in the face of winter adventures. The use of high-tech poly vinyl guarantees long-lasting performance, even in the harshest conditions.

Bump Absorption Technology

Say goodbye to jarring bumps! The PillowSled incorporates best-in-class open cell foam, absorbing shocks and providing a smoother ride. Enjoy the thrill of sledding without compromising on comfort and safety.

Cold Weather Resilience

With a remarkable negative 40-degree cold crack resistance, the PillowSled is designed to withstand the coldest winter temperatures. Brave the chill and embark on winter escapades without worrying about the sled's performance and durability.

Convenient Handling

Reinforced handles make transportation, towing, and linking sleds together a breeze. The PillowSled is not just a sled – it's a versatile winter accessory designed for your convenience.

Create a Party Sled

Take your Winter fun to the next level by linking multiple PillowSleds together to create a Party Sled. It's the perfect way to share the joy with friends and family, turning your sledding experience into a social event.

Choose PillowSled for a winter adventure that combines innovation, quality, and excitement. Elevate your sledding game with a sled that goes beyond the ordinary – because winter fun should be extraordinary!

Customer Reviews

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The best invention ever!

The PillowSled is the best ever! We bought two for the family and we use them for all of our winter activities! Love Sledding all over again. Great for Ice Fishing as well, kids love playing and sleeping on it. We take it everywhere with us.

PillowSled in Action

High Tech Poly Vinyl

Made of a high-tech poly vinyl with aircraft grade nylon, best-in-class open cell foam, and reinforced tow straps. Exceptional quality and construction for all snow sled and sledding uses. 

Soft and Fast

The PillowSled takes snow sledding to a new level with the softest and fasted run on the hill. Think flying on snow, it’s a scream!

Hike up or tow up your favorite hill for a one of a kind snow sled experience that will sure bring a smile to your face!

Reinforced Tow Straps

The PillowSled is built tough with reinforced tow straps for easy transportation and other towing uses. This ensures long term durability for all snow sled uses.