PillowSled 2.0 Replacement Sleeve - Black/Orange



Ready to upgrade or just looking to rejuvenate you existing sled into the new and upgraded version? We have it. Made of the highest quality and unparalleled construction keep your sled looking and performing like new! Fits all previous Sleds with minor modifications. Our new zipper addition allows for and easy installation.

Black Top / Orange Bottom


High Tech Poly Vinyl

Made of a high-tech poly vinyl with aircraft grade nylon, best-in-class open cell foam, and reinforced tow straps. Exceptional quality and construction for all snow sled and sledding uses. 

Soft and Fast

The PillowSled takes snow sledding to a new level with the softest and fasted run on the hill. Think flying on snow, it’s a scream!

Hike up or tow up your favorite hill for a one of a kind snow sled experience that will sure bring a smile to your face!

Reinforced Tow Straps

The PillowSled is built tough with reinforced tow straps for easy transportation and other towing uses. This ensures long term durability for all snow sled uses.